A cheque is a mean of payment that allows you to manage funds that are available to holders or their representatives in Deposit Accounts opened with credit institutions.


Be an Individual and/or Business Customer holding a current account with Millennium bim.

It allows you to view copies of cheques you issued and have been debited from your Current Account, to view cheques from Millennium bim or cheques from other banks that have been deposited into your Current Account.

Viewing Cheques is subject to the prevailing Schedule of Charges, which can be consulted at any Millennium bim branch.


The Card Account may be opened by any Individual Customer, provided that they are residing in the country.

If you already hold a Millennium bim Account, you don’t need to open a new account, just go to any Branch and request the Internet Banking subscription, and you have immediate access to all your Millennium bim Accounts.

It is to give all the rights that the beneficiary has on the cheque. In order to endorse, you simply need to affix the signature of the beneficiary person and the indication of the entity to who the transfer is in favour, on the back, or it can be endorsed by simply affixing the signature of the endorser. Cheques under these conditions may be endorsed successively.

Endorsement of a cheque can be prevented, if the cheque contains the expression "not on behalf of a third-party beneficiary". To this end, in the space reserved for the name of the person and for who the cheque is issued, the expression "not on behalf of a third-party beneficiary" should be written, before or after the indication of the beneficiary’s name.

Events of theft, robbery or misuse of cheques that have already been issued that are subsequently submitted for payment and deposited into the account of other beneficiary other than the initial beneficiary, by falsifying an endorsement, occur when the cheque is not delivered personally to its beneficiary or where there is illegitimate appropriation of the cheque.

It occurs when the issuer issues the cheque within the legal period of submission and then requests their bank not to pay it to the beneficiary even if the issuer has provision in their account.

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