• Convenient, quick and safe access;
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
  • Purchases and Cash Advance anywhere in the World, on the VISA network;
  • E-commerce transactions;
  • Balance/transaction enquiry;
  • Total flexibility in managing your family budget, as you may choose to pay any amount each month, from 10% to the total outstanding balance.

To obtain the Prestige Gold Credit Card visit a Millennium bim Branch. Access Conditions:

Access Conditions

  •  Holder of a Prestige Account with Millennium bim;
  •  Presentation of the identification document: ID, DIRE (Identification and Residency Document for Foreigners) or Passport.

Note: Approval is subject to a Millennium Bim Risk Analysis and Credit Decision

In case of replacement of the Card, the replacement fee is charged, unless originated by the expiry of the Card. The issue, annual and replacement fees are published in the Bank’s Schedule of Charges, available for online consultation and at any Millennium bim Branch.

  • Personal Accidents in Travel;
  • Travel assistance;
  • Fraudulent use of cards.
Visa Advantage Programme

When making payments at the outlets of Visa Advantage Programme Partners you are entitled to discounts.

Benefits at Lusomundo Cinemas

When paying for a ticket with the Prestige Gold Credit Card you are entitled to benefit from the following Benefits:

  • When buying a normal ticket, you are offered a second normal ticket;
  • When buying a ticket for the VIP area you pay the price of a normal ticket.

Note: Maximum of 1 ticket per day and per Card, not cumulative with other discounts. Excludes digital 3D upgrade and 3D glasses.

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