Interest rate
 Interest Payment
500 - 100.000
500 - 100.000
BT - 14,23%
100.001 - 500.000
100.001 - 500.000
BT - 12,98%
500.001 - 1.000.000
500.001 - 1.000.000
BT - 12,73%
Over 1.000.000
Over 1.000.000
BT - 10,73%
BT - Treasury bills 90 days 

Branch: You can visit your nearest Millennium bim branch


Internet Banking:

  • Access Internet Banking:
  • Select the Current Account;
  • Indicate the amount;
  • Define the Interest System.
  • Click “Create” and confirm your application.


  • Millennium bim Private Customers, Holders of Current Accounts in MZN;
  • It is compulsory to define the monthly deliveries scheduled in the act of Applying for Savings Plan.

Guarantee of full amount deposited at maturity or in case of Early Withdrawal.


Useful Documentation

Interest Rate: Variable according to the PRSF - Prime Rate of the Financial System, at the beginning of each monthly accrual period.​​
Tax regime: Income from Deposits is subject to tax withholding of stamp duty at a rate of 10% (IRPS code Law No. 33/2007 dated 31 of December).

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