Family Recycling

The Bank participated in the Family Recycling event, which brought together parents and children and various civil society groups who together cleaned up Costa do Sol Beach in Maputo. After cleaning, the participants took part in various activities such as beach soccer, volleyball, an environmental talk, and a sandcastle contest, among many other environmentally sound activities.

Association with the St. Egidio community

Millennium bim aims to make the holiday season a memorable one and has made its contribution by offering Christmas gifts to the 1,500 children as well as a free antiretroviral prevention and treatment program.

Visit to the Vóvó Teresa Orphanage

The Vóvó Teresa Orphanage is located on the outskirts of Tete and is home to around 120 needy children, aged between 3 and 17. In order to contribute to the well-being of these children, the Bank has offered this orphanage several food items.

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