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General Meeting of Shareholders

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Remuneration and Welfare Board

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Committee for Nominations and Remunerations

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Committee and Corporate Body Regulations

Shareholder Structure

   BCP África SGPS, Lda. (66,6855%)   
   Mozambican State (17,1217%)   
   INSS - INSS - National Institute of Social Security  (4,9507%)   
   EMOSE - Mozambican Insurance Company, S.A.  (4,1474%)   
   FDC - Community Development Foundation  (1,0841%)   
   Managers, Technicians and Employees  (6,0107%)   

Report & Accounts

Compliance Office


Confidence in the institution is a central element for achieving its objectives. As a result, Millennium bim is constantly seeking the best way of organising the company and the creation of mechanisms for monitoring and control in order to reinforce its credibility and robustness.

Millennium bim not only closely monitors the different models that are recommended and implemented at national and international level, but also actively participates in the best practices of corporate governance.
As a result, the Bank will continue to adopt practices that will ensure:

• Transparency in governance practices and decision-making processes;
• Oversight and independent monitoring of its implementation;
• The effective and informed participation of shareholders in the company’s life.
This model is reflected in the following set of governing bodies, structures and managers:

• Millennium bim's Board of Directors;
• Millennium Seguros Board of Directors;
• Compliance Office (COFF).
Executive Summary

With about 1.8 million Customers, Millennium bim is a market leader, positioning itself as an innovative Bank that meets the needs of its Customers, marking the pace of development of the financial sector throughout its 25 years of history in Mozambique.

This result represents a decrease of 23.8% compared to 2019. It reflects the contraction environment of  the economic activity that characterized the year 2020. Total Assets reached 185.4 billion Meticais, an annual increase of 13.4%.

Conscious of its role in the society, Millennium bim was the first financial institution to create a structured program of corporate social responsibility, developing activities and permanently evolving, supporting essentially areas where the country needs most social support, particularly in the Education, Culture, Youth, Sports and Health sectors.​

Over the last 15 years, Millennium bim has received more than 80 awards by several national and international institutions, among which we highlight: ​

  • Best Bank of the Year in Mozambique (The Banker magazine);
  • Best Bank in Mozambique (Global Finance magazine);
  • Best Bank of the Year in Mozambique (EMEA Finance magazine);
  • Best Bank in Mozambique (Euromoney magazine);
  • Best Banking Group in Mozambique (World Finance magazine);
  • Best Local Bank in Trade Finance in Mozambique (EMEA - GTR);
  • Best Bank in Trade Finance in Mozambique (Global Finance magazine);
  • Best Website for Private Customers in Mozambique (Global Finance);
  • Best Mobile Banking Application (Global Banking and Finance Review).


For a better service to its approximately 1.8 million Customers, Millennium bim is present throughout the country with a network of ATMs, POS, Agents and Branches prepared to serve its Customers in several segments, relying on the dedication and professionalism of its more than 2,600 Employees.

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