Education and culture are one of the actions developed to promote, support and encourage education and culture, both via teachers and students, through music, drama, dance, painting and many other cultural events.

This is a pioneering project of financial literacy in Mozambique that aims to form a new generation more aware of the value and importance of sound money management for the personal and social development of any country. See more
Millennium bim has carried out a series of educational activities aimed at raising awareness and instilling in children, young people and adults an awareness of the importance of saving. See more
Students in primary and secondary schools clean, garden and embellish their school, as well as various main roads in their city, improving the maintenance of public spaces, as well as creating a partnership relationship between the school and neighbourhood representatives, so that together they manage to improve and conserve public spaces. See more
In partnership with Millennium bim, it has been possible to develop projects aimed at restoring the ecosystem, supporting local communities in their socio-economic development and creating a sustainable tourism industry. See more

Millennium bim has signed a partnership protocol with the Girl Move Foundation supporting the Advanced Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Program which aims to train and train young graduates. The Bank sponsored the project with scholarships for young people and promoted a recruitment plan at the end of its training.

The Musiarte project was created in 2014 and is an initiative of the renowned opera singers, Stella Mendonça and Sónia Mocumbi, with the main objective of identifying and promoting young talents regardless of social conditions.
This project consists of providing information on Road Safety to elementary schools, through lectures given by police officers (PRM), where students from the schools visited are alerted to the real dangers of the road. See more

This is a space where the great personalities of Mozambican art and culture meet, a space where experiences of various artistic expressions are exchanged. In 2012, Millennium bim refurbished the exhibition space, modernising it with better conditions to promote works by visual artists.

Millennium bim has supported numerous and different artistic initiatives from the north to the south of the country, contributing to the promotion and protection of the historical and cultural legacy of Mozambique. See more
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