The POS is an automatic payment terminal that allows merchants to receive, in their current account and after the closing of accounts, the amount referring to the payment made by their Customers by means of their debit or credit cards.



Millennium bim has two types of POS: 

  • Fixed POS; 
  • Mobile POS GPRS/GSM.

(+258) 21 35 00 29, (+258) 21 35 00 30 or (+258) 21 35 00 31.

To acquire a POS, it is necessary to hold a current account in meticais and formalize the POS membership contract, at any Millennium bim branch

For each POS installed, commissions are charged according to the payment modality chosen by the Merchant (annual or monthly) and the type of POS. The applicable fees are published in the Bank’s Schedule of Charges, available for online consultation or at any Millennium bim Branch

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